The pressure on schools to deliver outstanding matric results is huge. 

Don’t risk losing a student that is struggling to make the grade, rather provide them with an alternative option to remain a student and still succeed by receiving the American GED high school equivalency certificate. Through collaborating with Learnalot for Schools, you will provide your school with the opportunity to offer your students alternative educational opportunities. Learnalot for Schools is enabling schools to present students who require different learning approaches or different examination methods an alternative to the traditional South African matric. 

By combining the very best of online learning, with the physicality and personal interaction of attending a full-time school, you can now offer all of your students an opportunity to succeed academically in Grade 12.

The America GED is a high school equivalency test that offers students an alternative to matric.

Why collaborate with Learnalot for Schools?

Certain students require alternate curricula, alternate learning methods and even alternate exam processes. Through a collaboration with Learnalot for Schools, you can expand on your current offering and offer your students an alternative high school certificate. As a result, you can retain these students needing an alternative option, including retaining their tuition fees, and often those outstanding sports students who are not always very academically focused. 

In addition to retaining the students, your school will be able to continue offering a holistic and positive experience for all students and parents. Through an expanded academic offering, you will be able to cater to all your students needs and abilities, which includes the additional educational and emotional support that is available through Learnalot for Schools.

How will your students benefit?

  • Studying with world-class online learning resources
  • Dedicated GED online tutoring, coaching and mentoring
  • Comprehensive and continuous feedback for both student and parents
  • Structured weekly timetable that is integrated within the school timetable
  • Access to all school extracurricular activities
  • The opportunity to study an international Grade 12 equivalent qualification

Why the American GED?

  • The GED has been evaluated by SAQA (The South African Qualifications Authority) and is confirmed to the the closest comparable qualification to the National Senior Certificate (Grade 12)
  • Students can study one GED subject at a time
  • It offers the flexibility to test in each subject when the student is ready to write – no set exam dates
  • The ability to complete a Readiness Assessment to assess skills prior to final tests
  • The chance to retake tests if a student’s marks are not satisfactory
  • Reduced need for extra lessons, as Learnalot for Schools offers complete academic support.

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Learnalot is proud to have been awarded the ‘Best Specialist Exam Preparation Support Provider 2022 – South Africa‘, within the Education and Training Awards 2022, hosted by Corporate Vision.