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GED Testing Service ® is expanding its support for international students outside of the U.S. Since many of these students may not have local academic and peer support, the new GED CompleteTM program was launched to provide them access to a complete program from a trusted source.

This new program was made possible through a partnership with SK Education Solutions, a highly respected and longtime GED Testing Service collaborator based in Africa.

GED CompleteTM has been specifically designed to ensure that students do not feel alone in their journey. The online platform offers personalised learning for every student. With the detailed weekly study schedules, students know exactly what they need to study each week, supported by the small live group weekly online lessons designed to help students ace their tests. The learning offers real-life, practical resources that enable students to learn at their own pace, with lessons tailored for them.

“Regardless of where students are in the world, the flexibility of online learning, combined with group lessons, and support from highly experienced qualified tutors, enables students in even the most remote areas to have access to the same level of support as students sitting in class,” said GED International Managing Director & GED Testing Service V.P., CT Turner.

The Press Release announcing the launch of this international online tutored offering is available HERE

More information about the Official International GED Study Program is available at